SG101 Wiki Guidelines

This is a new wiki, and many of us are new to wikis in general, so it is likely these guidelines will evolve. Here are some basic ground rules to get us started:

  1. Please familiarize yourself with the MoinMoin wiki software. See HelpForBeginners to get you going and WikiCourse for an in-depth guide.

  2. The wiki is the community's collective knowledge base. We should strive to keep the tone neutral and heavy on facts. Opinion, controversy, and endless discussion belongs in the forums. Consensus should be the foremost goal on the wiki.
  3. Please don't willy-nilly edit content created by others. Correcting typos and amplifying information is of course welcome. However, changing the meaning of a page should only be done after consulting the original author and other editors.
  4. Please be civil to others and assume the other editors have the best intentions until proven otherwise.
  5. Please watch the RecentChanges page to see what others are working on, and to keep an eye out for spam.

  6. Using the forums or IRC to discuss changes and new pages is a good idea.
  7. Keep things organized and uniform. Use templates and subpages liberally (see HelpOnTemplates & HelpOnEditing/SubPages).

Band Database

There has been some discussion about creating a band database. Initially I think we should concentrate on post-60's bands to avoid stepping on the valuable and life-long works of authors John Blair, Bob Dalley, and others. We don't want to just put an electronic dump of their books on these pages. For this reason, if we do start a catalog of bands or releases, we should cover the post-60's surf revival era. I know not everyone is happy about this, but let's go this way initially. Further discussion can be carried out in the forums.

If we do move forward on the band catalog, I suggest we create a template to create uniform content (see BandTemplate). See HelpOnTemplates for more information.


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