Posting Photos in the Forums at SG101

There are two ways to get your photos into forum posts at SG101. You can either directly upload photos or "hot-link" to photos that are already hosted on the internet.

Hot Linking

As of October 6, 2015, the hot-linking procedure has changed. There is now a form below the posting box (past the video attachments) for hot-linking. Simply copy the URL (link) to the image you wish to embed in your post to this box, then click "Hot Link". The photo will be downloaded, resized, and uploaded to our cloud storage. An image code will then be added to the posting box.

Direct Upload

By popular demand, a direct upload feature was made available in September, 2013. This allows you to upload photos directly from your computer or device. Simply use the form that appears below the posting box to select a file and click the upload button. This will upload the file from your computer to the SG101 server. Here the photo will be resized if necessary before being uploaded to an online cloud service. Once that is complete an image code for your new photo will be placed into the post box. Note that you can upload multiple photos into the same forum post.

You can see a gallery of photos that you have uploaded by visiting your profile. There you can retrieve the image code for any photo to reuse in future posts. You can also upload and delete photos here.


Here is a screenshot of the 2 forms (and the video attachments form) for dealing with images.


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